Katy Davar, M.Ps., a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec, is a graduate of Université Laval, where she was trained in the integrative psychodynamic approach. She specializes in personality and couple psychology.

She has clinical experience in university, hospital/psychiatric and private practice settings. She provides medium and long term individual psychotherapy.

She works with people who are experiencing difficulties with depression, stress or adaptation, or who are experiencing relationship difficulties at work or in love (conflicts, intimacy, emotion management, impulsivity). She helps people to clarify their needs and express their feelings, so as to gain a better understanding of themselves and regain confidence in their skills and strengths. She offers professional support in difficult personal, family and marital situations, such as bereavement, separation, divorce and illness. She supports people through work-related difficulties, burnout, work relationships, career transition or reorientation, retirement. She offers coaching to the loved ones of people with personality disorders. She practices couple psychotherapy, which, depending on the mandate and objectives, can focus on conflict resolution and the continuation of the relationship, short-term intervention aimed at making decisions about the future of the relationship, or psychotherapy focused on the dissolution of the union.